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July 25, 2011 / mws

2009 Grand Tetons Sept

September 18 2009 After spending time in Yellowstone, we arrived in the Grand Tetons in mid-afternoon. We stopped at a few viewpoints and then went to the Church of the Transfiguration. Lance took a little walk to take pictures of the historical buildings.  We stopped at Dornans for a late lunch and to pick up supplies.

September 19 2009  Today we did separate activities in the morning. Lance went on the hike at Jenny Lake to Hidden Falls. Since I had injured my foot in Yellowstone, I took a few days off from hiking.

Jackson Lake

Jackson Lake from Signal Mtn Lodge

I stayed around the Lodge and shopped in the gift areas, and took a little stroll along the shores of Jackson Lake to look for photo opportunities.  In the afternoon we headed out to look around. The mountains were awesome, it felt like you could drive right into them. We went to Jackson, had lunch at the infamous Bubbas Restaurant. We returned to the park and stopped at the brand new Laurance Rockefeller Preserve to look around.

We continued up the Moose Wilson Rd and parked along a ridge to try to look for animals.

Grand Teton Bear

Grand Teton Bear

As we were walking, Lance says “Hey! There’s two of them”. I said “Two what?” HA!! It was bears!!! Of course we did not have our bearspray with us. We were nervous, because at first the little cubbie was separate and he started coming towards us. We backed up and then the cub ran to his mom! They were so much fun to watch. Of all the experiences we had in Grand Teton, this is my favorite memory. The bears were amazing!

September 20 2009 We left early to go towards Oxbow Bend and turned on a gravel road.

Grand Teton Moose

Grand Teton Moose

We parked and strolled along the river….Moose sighting!!! Oh boy, we have been waiting for this.  We watched while Mom went up on the bank and then crossed the river just ahead of us.  What an entertaining morning so far!   Next we drove out to Two Ocean lake and  spied a bullmoose across the lake. We walked through the woods to try to get a closer look, even though the moose was trying hard to hide from us. After our moose excitement, we went to Jackson Lodge and had lunch at the Pioneer Grill and took some pics of the area.

September 21 2009 It was 34 degrees at 7AM…lots of elk along the roads. First stop was Schwabacher Landing. Then we drove over to Mormon Row to take pictures here for the 5th time. This is one of Lance’s favorite spots!  Next, we drove out to Lower Slide Lake to see the early Autumn landscape.

Slide Lake 2009

Slide Lake September 2009

On the way back, we saw an old cabin, the Gros Ventre Farm, and a coyote out near Kelly. As if we didn’t already have enough excitement for one day, we went back to Moose-Wilson Rd. We hiked along the canyon, and stopped to sit on a log. I heard crunching..and sure enough..moose on the trail! Tonite we went to Wilson and ate at Nora’s Fish Creek Inn…Yummy fresh trout! After dinner, we were renewed so decided to drive up Summit Mountain Road and take a few more photos.

September 22 2009 Our last day in the Park. We started out the morning by driving out to Oxbow Bend….BEAUTIFUL!  For the rest of the day, we drove through the park, stopped at various places and took our last photos for this trip.

GTNP, Oxbow Bend

GTNP, Oxbow Bend

It was difficult to leave the next day, but we hope to return VERY SOON!

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.



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