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August 20, 2011 / mws

Sandpoint, an interesting town

Sandpoint, Idaho

People from the east coast don’t often visit Idaho, but they are missing out on some great country.  The northern panhandle is my favorite and there you will find charming Sandpoint.

Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Sandpont, IdahoLocated downtown is Cedar Creek Bridge, an unusual shopping mecca and original home of Coldwater Creek.  In the shops along the main streets, friendly employees will likely tell you that they are “relocated locals”.  A lot of them came for a visit and relocated to Sandpoint permanently.

2013 NOTE:  The Cedar Creek Bridge has changed dramatically.  Coldwater Creek no longer has a retail presence there.  The local shops are still active, but the “nature feel” of shopping there has dimished.  😦

To the south is the lovely Lake Pend Oreille.  A gaze to the east finds Montana’s Cabinet Mountains and to the north and west, the Selkirk Mountain range rises upward. With all the lakes and mountains, Sandpoint is a year-round resort town with cultural events, art galleries and even a ski resort.

Priest Lake State ParkJust a short drive from Sandpoint is the 19 mile long Priest Lake.  The State Park at the clearwater lake offers many recreational opportunities.  Wildlife is abundant in the park and the splendid Selkirk Mountains loom in the background.  Nearby you can find scenic streams and picnic areas.

The beauty of the lakes, mountains, wildlife and forests in the Sandpoint area give a sense of peace to all who travel through the area.  It’s a small town but just large enough to have great amenities and a plethora of leisure and active pursuits.


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