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August 21, 2011 / mws

Top 10 Towns to Visit…#3 Joseph

3.  Joseph, Oregon

Joseph, OregonSituated in Northeast Oregon, Joseph is surrounded by country farms, and majestic mountain peaks. The peace of this town is unsurpassed anywhere else.  Add to that the extraordinary Wallowa Valley with alpine vistas and a glacial lake, and it just doesn’t get any better.

Bronze statue in JosephIn addition to the serene lake and manificent mountains, many visitors come to Joseph to see the local art.  There is a distinctly western theme that comes to mind as you view the bronze statues lining the streets of downtown Joseph. Once you see it, you understand why Joseph is known as the bronze-casting capital of the United States.   With the mountain backdrop, the setting is one of a kind.

Countryside surrounding JosephThere are many scenic drives that begin in Joseph.  On a drive into the surrounding countryside you will see tranquil farms with colorful red barns.Hells Canyon Joseph is surrounded by the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest and is just minutes from the Hells Canyon Recreational Area.  A drive to Hat Point to see Hells Canyon from the top is an adventure you will never forget.

Another short drive takes you to Wallowa Lake where you’ll find an alpine village, complete with one of the highest gondola rides in the world. In the village you will also find picnic areas, shops, riding stables, and hiking trails.

Joseph, Oregon

I almost hesitated to name Joseph as a top town to visit, since I truly enjoy the slow pace, and current low number of annual visitors.  Hopefully, it’s somewhat remote location will keep Joseph an undiscovered jewel for a little while longer.

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