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September 19, 2011 / mws

2011 Mt Ranier Nat’l Park, September

Monday, September 19, 2011Mt Ranier

Mt Ranier in a day…

This was one of those days when you needed a Plan A and a Plan B. We have visited Mt. Ranier before and on this trip, only had one day to tour. We started the day in Chehalis, Washington and  traveled east on Route 12.

Mt Ranier Location

The first issue of the day was fog.  We started a little later than we wanted to, and hoped that the fog would roll out early.  Along the Park road there were a few stops for waterfall photos.

Mt Ranier Nat’l Park
September 2011

Continuing east, we arrived at the Paradise area of the park. We remembered this area as having majestic views of Mt Ranier with lots of wildflower meadows.  However, when we arrived, the fog was still covering the mountain.  So we got out Plan B.  Due to road construction on the east side of the park,  we had to  backtrack through the park and then take a detour south on a Forest Service Road. We chose to take the long drive northest to the remote Sunrise area of Mt Ranier Park.  On the way, the fog finally lifted and we got our first glimpse of stunning Mt. Ranier.  The road went higher and higher and the views were incredible.  We were happy that we make the long trek to Sunrise and enjoyed mighty Mt. Ranier.Mt. Ranier

For more photos of Mt. Ranier National Park, click here

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  1. Anonymous / Oct 11 2011 12:32 pm

    Nice photos and good report. Thanks for sharing.

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