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February 20, 2013 / mws

12th Grade 1969-70

Senior year meant many changes.  Some students had early acceptance at colleges or had made a decision to go directly into the working arena.  It could no longer be ignored, we were going to graduate!

In the summer of 1969, I can still vividly recall when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. It signified a new era, and that vision followed me throughout my senior year at South Western.  It was a struggle to make a decision about the future as we were experiencing high school moments for the last time.  But we all knew that life was changing and we were going to move on to a new era in our own lives.

On June 2 1970 the 133 graduates of South Western High School received their diplomas in cap and gown.  For the last time, the entire class was together as memories were shared with  laughter and tears.

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