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February 20, 2013 / mws

7th Grade 1964-65

What could be more intimidating than your first year in High School?

We had visited, gone to football games,  and attended plays  and concerts, but actually being at South Western as a student was entirely different.  Kids from all 5 elementary schools met for the first time in homeroom.   Having a different teacher for each class and changing classes seemed worldly to the 11-year-old seventh graders. September 1964 brought the dreaded gym class with those lovely one-piece blue gym suits for the girls.

Each morning as we walked through the lobby and passed the showcase, we gained more confidence in ourselves and our ability to be part of the student body. We made it through the first year of High School with memories of Mr. Gilpin, Mr. Bollinger, Miss Blocher and Mr. Bierman.

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