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June 11, 2015 / mws

2015 Lost Duckling

On Wednesday evening, June 10th, a very young duckling was found in our neighborhood.  After a first capture, it escaped and showed up at my front door.

A neighbor and myself were able to form a new plan for capture and release.  It was clear that the day old duckling was scared as it chirped for Mamma duck. At the pond in back of my house, there are various ducks, so it seemed like a good place for the release.

At the moment of release, the little duckling was bewildered, but soon got it’s bearings and ambled towards the pond.  A curious mother with month-old ducklings swam over to check out the newcomer.  However, the little duckling was strongly rejected by that mother.

Meanwhile, another duck was in the area and began quacking and squawking vehemently….Ahhhh!  That must be Mom!  I’m not sure how smart ducks are, but the mother took her time to find the chirping duckling.  It may have been that the human presence interfered with her desire to claim her little one.  After we backed off, Mom and duckling found each other and swam across the pond.

– From Jacob Braune   – Always behave like a duck.  Keep calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle like the devil underneath.

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