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October 28, 2016 / mws

Top 10 Towns to Visit…#9 East Glacier

9. East Glacier, Montana

Here’s a town where you can still wake up to early morning roundups and see the horses dancing down dusty roads.East Glacier Morning Roundup

It’s a town of homemade huckleberry muffins, friendly locals, wandering dogs, and towering pines.  A stroll along the local roads will find shops, restaurants, and the multi-functional Glacier Park Trading Company. Here you can find groceries, books, hiking guides and even Internet access.

East Glacier CabinEast Glacier, as its name implies, is just east of Glacier National Park and as such, serves as a gateway to spectacular Glacier National Park. There are lovely cabins with gorgeous flower arrangements as you stroll through the town.  East Glacier is also the home of the impressive Glacier Park Lodge with the red jammer tourist buses.  There is even an Amtrak Train Station that stops in East Glacier.

Two Medicine Lake

Two Medicine Lake Glacier Park

Just north of East Glacier is the beautiful Two Medicine Lake area of Glacier National Park.  In this easily accessible area, you will find hiking trails, boat rides, waterfalls, and picnic areas.   Many anxious tourists skip this area in a rush to get to Many Glacier.  Not only do they miss some great recreational fun, but the lake and the surrounding mountains are almost mystical in their beauty.

East Glacier and Two Medicine Lake are somewhat off the beaten path, but worth the time and the effort to discover the hidden gems that await the curious visitor.

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