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What to do each day?

Should we just go on the fly or plan each day in detail?  Hmmmm..

Well, I try to plan at least every other day.  When we first started to travel, I would plan from 8AM to 8PM.  Now I plan about 4-5 hours and the rest of the day just fills in.

Since we both enjoy photography, a lot of hours are spent waiting for the correct perspective on a landscape (this usually means that Lance is waiting for the sun or clouds to be in the right location).  The best part of being outdoors and carrying cameras is that there are many others with similar interests.  We have met so many interesting folks in our travels.  They share their stories and adventures with us and tell us where to look for wildlife and other photo opportunities.

In our frequent travel to the National Parks, we have found some trails and off-road places that we enjoy.  We just like to stop there and sit or do short hikes and see what happens.  Often, we have some wonderful wildlife sightings and enjoy a rare opportunity to soak in nature with no one else around.

So my advice is to plan to see the major attractions, but also plan to have some unexpected experiences. (The unexpected will likely become your favorite experiences.)

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