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Retirement Thoughts (by Marilyn)

Throughout my career, I paid attention to fellow employees in various stages of professional life.  Many were just breezin’  through life without any thought of long-term planning.  For some unknown reason, retirement was on my mind even in my twenties.

As I listened to all those who said they wanted to retire early, I wondered if I could possibly have an early retirement date.  I made a plan!!!

After increasing my earning potential by completing my college education, I moved through several jobs taking a few steps up along the way.  Due to my planning and my spouse being very dedicated to his career and working beyond normal retirement age, I was able to retire early.  My plan worked!

One of the great advantages of being retired is being able to travel without turning in a request for time off!  Both Strayers enjoy travelling and especially enjoy not having to go back to work when returning home.

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