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How to Pack for air travel…

Marilyn does all the packing for the Strayers.  She is not one of those people who will pack weeks in advance.  The day before travel, the suitcases come out and in goes the travel wear.

It depends where you are going, but if visiting the National Parks in the northwest, Marilyn recommends layering your clothing.  Take a sweater, rain jacket and definitely a rain hat.  Hopefully , you will have some sun, so pack sunscreen also. The parks do not require anything but casual clothing, so that makes it easier to pack.  Be sure to pack a sturdy pair of trail shoes regardless of how much hiking you intend.  Just getting off the roads a little way, you will need good foot support for the rocks and tree roots.  The Strayers always take a snow scraper and have used it on most trips.

During the last few years, Marilyn’s carry on bag has been used almost exclusively for electronics.  Here is the list for inside the carry on.

2 cameras, 2 extra lenses,  2 camera chargers, 4 batteries (yes, the Strayers each carry an extra battery pack)

2 cell phones, 2 cell phone chargers, 1 car phone charger, 2 pairs of binoculars

1 flash drive, 1 notebook computer with charger, 1 Kindle with charger

a few snacks and 1 water bottle purchased after the Strayers get through security

If there is room, Marilyn stuffs in a lightweight sweater and a change of clothes for both of the Strayers.  Also, the information for the rental car is in the carry on bag.

Who knows what we would do if ever we could not have our electronics?  Remember the days of stopping at a pay phone and looking in the AAA travel book to call ahead for a hotel reservation?  We do like our toys!

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