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February 22, 2021 / mws

2020 The Year of No Travel

At the end of 2019, there were several trips planned for 2020.  A few short 3-7 day driving trips were planned and one trip with flight arrangements was planned for May 2020.  One of the best parts of traveling is the anticipation of the trip.  In my retirement leisure, I enjoy researching each trip and choosing activities. My itineraries are carefully thought out as lodging, rentals cars and flight arrangements are made.

When the news of the corona virus was announced in early 2020, I recall thinking that I hope it doesn’t come to the United States.  How naive I was!!  Within 3  months, the COVID-19 virus had grown to a pandemic. Like every American, I quickly learned the benefits of mask wearing and social distancing.  I also slowly came to realize that I would not be traveling in 2020.  At the time of that realization, I didn’t know which was worse…dealing with the virus or being devastated that no trips would be possible that year.

As the virus continued to worsen, it became crystal clear to me that my selfish need to travel needed to be put on the back burner.  Friends and family members were now statistics as part of the total number of cases.  So I did my best to adapt. Grocery shopping was done early in the morning or by pickup.  Occasionally, I ventured to a restaurant for pickup, but mostly, I cooked at home. The home cooking took me back to my days growing up on the farm!

Spending so much time at home was challenging, especially with no pending travel arrangements or new trips to be planned. So I used my organizational skills to review my trip photos and digitally organize all pics into albums.  I also reviewed itineraries and made notes about future travel ideas.  The 2020 itineraries are probably going to morph into 2021 and 2022 plans.

I’d like to think that post COVID-19 Americans will be kinder and more aware of not taking life for granted.  My zest for travel has not been diminished, but will be even more appreciated.  I can’t wait to take in the fresh mountain air, get out on the trails, capture that unique wildlife photo, and “be there”.  But in the back of my mind I will remember 2020 and hope that it never repeats.


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